World Cup Riga Open 2022

The international draughts tournament Riga Open 2022 will take place starting from the 3rd of July in Riga, where world’s sharpest minds will compete from 10 different countries. Alongside with other local and global masters Latvia will be represented by our draughts grandmaster Guntis Valneris. The tournament will run until the July 9th, and on the 10th the World Championship in Blitz International (10x10) draughts will be held.

After a break of two years Riga will welcome draughts enthusiasts to participate in Riga Open 2022 which is a part of World Cup. There will be participants from 10 countries - Holland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Côte d'Ivoire, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso and France. This year Latvia will be represented by the international grandmasters Guntis Valneris who at the moment is one of the top 10 players in FMJD rating as well as Raimonds Vipulis and other mastered athletes. Among international grandmasters Dutch draughts player and current world champion Roel Boomstra will join the competition as well.

The tournament will be held separately for women and men in accordance with the rules of the World Draughts Federation according to the Swiss system and during the week 9 rounds will be played.

In fact this is a very special year as World Draughts Federation celebrates their 75th anniversary.

Prize fund for Riga Open 2022 is 6,000 EUR.

The Opening ceremony and press conference will be held on the July 3rd at 12:00 in Riga, event centre “Fantadroms”, Gustava Zemgala gatve 74a.