Live broadcast Riga Open 2022

Starting from the July 3rd everyone is invited to join our live stream and have a great follow up on The World Cup Riga Open 2022 tournament. There will be a live broadcast right from the game hall and each round will be commented by Damian Reszka and invited guests.

A lot of exciting draughts content as well as opportunity to help our Ukrainian friends as the donation fund to support the Ukraine will be launched during the tournament.

Live stream schedule (GMT+3):

Sunday, July 3

12:00 - Opening Ceremony

15:00 – the 1st round

Monday, July 4

9:30 – the 2nd round

Tuesday, July 5

09:30 – the 3rd round

15:30 – the 4th round

Wednesday, July 6

09:30 – the 5th round

Thursday, July 7

09:30 – the 6th round

15:30 – the 7th round

Friday, July 8

09:30 – the 8th round

Saturday, July 9

09:30 – the 9th round

16:30 – Closing ceremony