Draughts tournament „New star” has started

On Wednesday 6th of July in Riga along with World Cup Riga Open 2022 tournament for children „New star” has started. Around 30 young players from Latvia and Estonia will compete for titles.

In International Draughts 10x10 tournament organized by draughts school „Domatprieks” competition has started in U8 and U10 groups for boys and girls. By the rules of the World Draughts Federation according to the Swiss system 8 rounds will be played. Tournament will last 4 days till the July 9th. Best three girl players and best three boy players in each group will be awarded with medals, cups, and money prizes.

For a reminder starting from the 3rd of July until the 9th of July World Cup Riga Open 2022 is taking place in Riga gathering the sharpest minds from various countries.